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Raise your profile with the most effective online acquisition channels

Reach new targets with a multi-channel influencer marketing strategy. Engage with an audience on every platform prospective customers use to find restaurants (Google, Instagram, TripAdvisor, TheFork, Yelp, Foursquare, blogs, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.).

We adapt each campaign to match your goal of prospective customers to reach. We work with a network of 8,000 Food and Lifestyle influencers. By accumulating the online communities of multiple influencers, you can quickly reach thousands and hundreds of thousands of people.

A precise segmentation of the targeted clientele (food style, budget, age group, atmosphere of your restaurant) can maximize the sales performance of your business by aiming your message at the people who are genuinely likely to visit your establishment. The audience receiving the message is then highly specific (socio-economic profile, tastes, dietary and consumer habits) and receptive because they trust the influencer’s opinion.

Engage with your audience: increase your sales with the best ROI

In order to optimize your budget, we select influencers who can provide the best return on investment according to your goals. With audiences spanning 5,000 to 600,000 followers, high engagement levels, and a strong power of persuasion, these influencers can generate both in-store and online traffic at a lower cost than traditional avenues (SEO, AdWords, mailing campaigns…).

Before every collaboration, we define together the project’s key performance indicators (generated traffic, size and quality of the audience reached, increase in the booking rate, impact on revenue…).

We follow the results for the duration of the campaign, and send you provisional reports as well as an exhaustive and detailed final review to confirm the goals have been met. We guarantee you performing campaigns thanks to our double expertise in social media marketing and the food industry.

Gain the trust of your audience and generate repeat customers with engaging quality content

Highlight your business with content adapted to the social networks your prospective audience uses. Each influencer picked specializes in creating and sharing Food content on specific platforms: they share the experience they have visiting your restaurant, display it on their channels, and highlight what makes it special to their audience to inspire their followers to try it as well.

Take advantage of the trust influencers develop with their audience to engage with your targets and eventually generate brand preference and build a community of loyal customers.

Turn influencers into long-term partners in your communication strategy and they will regularly publish content about your business and fix it as an unmissable place to visit in the mind of your targeted audience. By developing a relationship with them, you also accompany them as they grow in audience size and visibility, thereby reinforcing your own visibility as time passes.

Malou, a team of experts dedicated to the success of your business

Our team members use their skills to ensure that your establishment has the best possible online visibility, secures new customers, and sustains its customer base in the long run.
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