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Best Case Restaurant - How to Get to the Top of Google Search Results and Attract Customers - Bask San Francisco

Good local SEO is essential for your restaurant to bring in more customers: you to need appear in Google’s top 3 search results, which requires an effective optimization of your Google My Business page. We did it for Bask - a tapas restaurant in San Francisco. It worked pretty well.

83% of Americans use their cell phones to search for a restaurant. The challenge is to appear in the first research results to attract all potential customers to your restaurant. That's what we did for Bask.

Bask is a great French-Spanish restaurant located in San Francisco. Founded by two French couples that are friends, the restaurant serves Basque specialties and tapas. It already had a regular clientele, but could generate even more table turnover. That's why Patrick, the manager, called us.

The initial report: at the end of the summer, Bask was invisible on Google

The keywords typed on Google by the most promising customers were: "tapas" and "tapas restaurant". However, when a web user near Bask was looking for "tapas" or "tapas restaurant," they found Bask's competitors first, and went to their establishments as a result.

Here is what used to come up when searching for the keywords near San Francisco:

There was no mention of Bask in the first few Google search results for the queries "best tapas," "tapas sf," or "tapas San Francisco," which meant that the restaurant had very little chance to attract customers online, due to bad SEO practices.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) to improve the restaurant's online visibility

We first identified strategic keywords, words that potential customers would type to find similar restaurants and that struck a good balance between search volume and competition on Google. We then created optimized content with strategic keywords for the restaurant to rank higher in the search results list. We completed the listing with all the relevant attributes for key queries, added photos by naming them strategically, built up the Google + account, and regularly shared news updates from the restaurant.

We also responded to all customer reviews by inserting keywords into our responses.

After a month of optimizations: Bask appeared in Google’s top 3 results

Today, when people in San Francisco look up where to eat tapas, Bask appears in the first search results.

Bask also appears on the top 3 for the keywords "best tapas" and "tapas sf" near San Francisco

Increased number of visits on the restaurant page and an increase in the number of customers found online

The optimizations we oversaw have worked to make Bask get to the top 3 tapas-related strategic search results in San Francisco and the number of times the restaurant is viewed on Google confirms it to this day. In one month, Bask gained almost 57,000 views, almost exclusively on Google Maps. But being visible on Maps means being seen by potential customers nearby, increasing the chances they will actually visit the restaurant and turn into customers.

In one month, Bask won nearly 80 additional customers, to which must be added those who did not need to ask for directions to the restaurant.

Before we began work on Bask's SEO, nearly 32% of Internet users who ended up on Bask's pages found the restaurant by typing its name, meaning that they either knew the restaurant already or were already customers, and 68% discovered it while seeking a similar establishment. After a month, more than 2000 additional people discovered Bask thanks to the improvement of its SEO. The number of new potential customers reached increased by 80.5%.

Bask finally appears at the top of search results that used to favor its competitors. Internet users looking up tapas restaurants are now able find Bask: they're more likely to try it and go back once they have tasted their famed grilled octopus, their sautéed squid and their croquetas...

If you find yourself in San Francisco, remember to book your table here — we promise you won't regret it.

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