The rise of food radio shows and foodcasts, podcasts about food, is yet another proof that food is one of people’s favorite cultural subjects.

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More than a cliché, it is a fact: the average Joe/Jane talks about food all the time, even when they’re already seated at the dinner table. So, for this month of summer where we know most of you are bathing in the sun with family or friends, we wanted to share our most appetizing audio experiences… Something to feed your conversations and make your mouth water.

An overview of the best French food podcasts (en français, of course, so you can order in the language of Molière next time you’re in Paris) you should listen to right now:

1. J’ai faim, the food podcast from My Little Paris and François Simon that’ll have you drooling

Amandine Péchiodat, the editor-in-chief at My Little Paris, admits it: food is embedded in the culture of her company. If you’re lucky to one day meander through their pretty offices, you’ll soon notice that a kitchen stands in every room. Even clearer: a chef regularly cooks for the teams and customers, and “pasta days” (cooking contests between co-workers) are often organized. In other words, there’s no kidding when it comes to food at My Little Paris!

The idea of a food podcast series had been running through Amandine’s mind for a while. A meeting with François Simon, the renowned food critic (whose face no one knows), was able to crystallize that idea. His history with My Little Paris began with several collaborations, like this video beating the drum for pickles, or this column in which the critic recommended Parisian joints where people could eat for less than 10 euros. The whole thing takes off, the editor and the critic click; they decide to continue.

Illustration du critique François Simon

Portrait (incognito, of course) of François Simon by Kanako, illustrator at My Little Paris

The “coup de foudre for his writing and sharp knife and fork” compels them to go further, Amandine tells us. For her, there’s no doubt that “his characteristic voice,” his writing, and his astute reviews would be the magical ingredients of an excellent recipe for a food podcast. All bets are off, and it’s a success. The result is unequivocal: this series of 5 foodcasts should be savored without restraint.

les podcasts food "J'ai Faim" de My Little Paris

Photo: J’ai Faim, MyLittleParis

In 3 minutes 30, to the sound of the critic’s captivating voice, you’re invited to discover those moments which have all made us hungry at one point or another: the long wait after ordering at a restaurant, the long-awaited arrival of the pizza at the table, the unadulterated pleasure of eating with one’s fingers… The joy of listening to J’ai faim stems from something between sensuality, as sustained by the critic’s voice, and laughter, cultivated by his words.

P.S. For more flavor, we recommend you enjoy these episodes right when hunger rears its head. And not to worry: if there are only five episodes available now, plans for other episodes are in place.

2. A poêle, the podcast food laying chefs bare

In this podcast, Julie Gerbet, a food critic (Le Fooding, Elle à Table, Pariscope…), gets busy laying bare her chef guests. Those who spend more days in the kitchen and less in the spotlight talk in these one-hour episodes about their passions, where they find inspiration, but also the hardships they’ve faced, their doubts and fears. In conversation with the journalist host, some of the most noteworthy chefs of our generation, female and male, reveal themselves in all their intricacies, allowing us to have a glimpse of who stands behind the figure of the chef.

Les podcast food "A Poêle"

Photo: À Poêle, Julie Gerbet

You can listen to the two-star chef Michel Sarran talk about his experience on Top Chef, where he’s been a jury member for a number of years, or about the pain that’s behind every one of his creations. You can also listen to Julia Sedefdjian who, at 21 years old, is the youngest Michelin-starred chef in France, or to Victor Lugger and Ciro Cristiano, two of the founders of Big Mamma, who, on a different note, talk about their entrepreneurial story, waiting lines, margins, and Margherita pizzas.

You get it: À Poêle takes us out on a trip from one culinary world to another, from one intimacy to the next, to discover colorful personalities made richer from their differences.

13 episodes are available today. The second season, in production, will air next September.

3. Casseroles, the food podcast highlighting the suggestive power of food

Food is more than a matter of acquired taste; it also reflects our culture, our family traditions… Ultimately, it’s because food is so intimate that it has this ability to rekindle memories. It’s what Zazie Tavitian wanted to highlight with every 20-minute episode of her podcast Casseroles, during which she sneaks into the house of someone she knows and asks them to cook for her while telling her stories.

Les podcasts food "Casseroles"

Photo: Casseroles by Binge Media

From her sister who cooks their grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe while reminiscing about shared childhood memories, to her friend Allison who makes spring rolls which takes her back to the Vietnamese roots she’s never talked about with her journalist friend… Casseroles gives us access to a story whose protagonist is Zazie herself, and walks us around peacefully in her world of food populated by her loved ones.

4. Plan culinaire, the food podcast answering all the food questions you’re asking yourself

Why do we stand in line for two hours just to eat a pizza? Why are we addicted to breakfast cereals? We know you’ve already asked yourself these questions. Well, Plan Culinaire, the new podcast from Louie Media is here to answer them all! This monthly podcast hosted by Nora Bouazzouni and Mélissa Bounoua dissects our eating habits and behaviors to explain our society, but also to analyze the current landscape of the food sector.

Les podcasts food "Plan Culinaire"

Photo: Plan Culinaire from Louie Media

From one question to the next, we wonder, we think, we ponder, we’re entertained, and we come out of each 20 minutes less bewildered.

The first season is airing right now.

5. L’Epicurieuse, a topical food podcast covering the latest news in the culinary world

Waste-less cooking, offal, or the best chocolates in Paris have no more secrets for you? It probably means you’re always on the lookout for the latest trends in the food sector, and we have the right podcast for you: L’Épicurieuse, a monthly food podcast covering, analyzing, and turning inside out the latest food oddities of the day.

Les podcasts food "l'Epicurieuse"

Photo: L’Épicurieuse by Delphine Le Feuvre

In every ten-minute episode, Delphine Le Feuvre goes off exploring these idea labs which are, in their own way, revolutionizing the culinary world. She also highlights the brains behind the trends, leaving space for the human aspect which, as she tells us, is at the heart of cooking itself.

6. On va déguster, François-Régis Gaudry’s cult radio show

Last but not least, the ultimate food podcast that’ll never go out of style: On va déguster, the food show with a cult following on France Inter. From season to season, François-Régis Gaudry and his sidekicks Elvia Masson and Dominique Hutin thrill our senses. Every Sunday, during pre-lunch drinks, you’ll know where to find us: in front of the radio, listening religiously to our weekly rendez-vous.

Les podcasts food "On va déguster" de France Inter

Photo: France Inter, On va déguster

Every week, the team of foodies manages to share their enthusiasm for food like no one else. Little, everyday noises like a simmering pan, champagne bubbles, the rattling of a spoon, are at the heart of the experience which the hosts invite us to listen to, and not just hear. With On va déguster, we get the full cooking experience which is not only enjoyed by taste, but by desire, sight, and smells which are described to us in detail and which we can savor live from the radio.

Happy listening to you all!

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