Social media is constantly changing. New features, more or less important, are coming up each day. Facebook, Instagram and other social media always invent new ways to surprise us. They propose easy and new experiences to discover every day. It is thus necessary to keep track of these new features if you want to stay up your game.

Of course, all users have a different behavior. Some features are tried right away whereas others do not see any interest in them. We can take the example of stories. It is proven that they were adopted 15 times faster than simple posts. Now, Stories are even more used, watched and liked than posts. On the contrary, some new features are not meeting expectations. It is the case of IGTV, a video creation feature on Instagram that was upgraded many times until user would actually use it daily.

In order to be on top of trends, it is necessary to keep track of newest features but also consumer behavior towards them. Global benchmarking allows you to follow trends and even anticipate them before coming up. It is the best way to stay ahead of the competition.

So what are 2019 trendiest features? And what are upcoming ones worth taking a look at? Answers down there.

1. Social Influence Marketing on Instagram

Social Influence Marketing is a must have for restaurants looking to gain in reputation and become the place to go. Influencers who are welcomed to good restaurants, with tasty food, a nice atmosphere, and an attractive decoration will definitely talk about their experience online and promote the place on their social media. They become ambassadors of the brand. It is important for restaurants to understand that their role is important as they represent the quality of the place to their online community.

Instagram is aware of this phenomenon on its platform. This is the reason why the social media never stops developing new ways for brands and influencers to work closer. Recently, the feature “Branded content ads” has been added to the list. Now, brands and influencers are connected in a more formal partnership. This allows brands to reach not only their ambassadors audience but also to promote their posts on their own feed.

Until now, brands could only create partnerships with influencers. This option was limited for the company as the only audience reach by the influencers’ posts and stories was his own. Now, with “Branded content ads”, brands can share these sponsored contents on their own feed which allow them to reach a broader market.

The advantage of this options does not stop here. Now that companies can sponsor influencers’ contents, they are able to know exactly the performance of their partnerships. Indeed, only the owner of the account had access to these statistics. Brands can now see the number of fake followers and bought likes on the influencer’s posts and determine if this partnership is worth it.

This type of partnership is usually rare between restaurants and influencers. They rather offer a free meal than investing a higher budget for better results. “Branded content ads” are very interesting strategies for all agrobusiness.

2. Will local businesses soon be advantaged on Instagram?

Today, Instagram is a must-have for business no matter their field of expertise. However, it never gave special attention to local businesses. Until now, they could only work with attractive contents and stories. But what if we told you that Instagram is finally starting to focus on how to put them forward. Tomorrow, you might already be able to create a special page to input important information such as your address, your phone number, your opening time, your websites… All kind of information that will be helpful for close consumers looking to find you.

Voir l'image sur Twitter

The profile shown resembles the one on Google My Business. You will be able to link it to your Facebook account. This new feature is not available yet to the public as Instagram is still testing it.

3. A new partnership between Instagram and The Fork to facilitate restaurants’ reservations

Instagram also put in place other new options focused on local businesses. It is a way to attract them to use its platform but also highlight their services. A few weeks ago, the social media announced a new partnership with one of the most famous online reservation platform: The Fork. The goal? Making reservations fast and simple.

You can now see a new button “Reserve” on most of the local restaurants Instagram page. You just need to click on it and you will be directly sent on The Fork to proceed to the reservation. It is the second biggest partnership of this kind that The Fork put in place. A few weeks before Instagram, Google also declared to have created the same kind of button on restaurants’ Google My Business pages. It is a way for social media users to directly become restaurants’ clients. However, it is important to know that The Fork is keeping a margin on each reservation made on its platforms. This is the main reason why many restaurants prefer using Zenchef, Google’s partner, which has no fee. Even though it is possible to choose between The Fork and Zenchef on Google, it is not the case for Instagram (yet?).

4. Facebook facilitates events’ communication thanks to stories

Individuals, groups and other pages can now share events in their stories on Facebook. This feature, new of only a few weeks, gives greater visibility to an event that will take place in the future. It allows it to reach larger targets. In addition to reaching a broader audience from its own community, the event can also be shared in its followers’ stories.

You only need to go on the event page, click on the button “share” followed by “share your story”. Once the content is integrated into your story, all your friends can have access to it. They can also directly precise if they are interested in the event and if they will join. The creator of the story has access to all those answers.

This new feature shows how much Facebook tries to implement the success of stories into its platform, something that has been relatively put aside since its appearance on the social media. It is also a way for Facebook to become THE social media for professionals.

5. A single post for 2 accounts to facilitate community managers and brands’ work

It is now possible to publish the same picture or video on different Instagram accounts at the same time! It is a huge gain of time for businesses having at least two accounts on the platform. Once again, the method is very easy. A tab “Publish on other accounts » is now available under the description space.


Being present and active on social media is not enough today. To distinguish itself from the competition, businesses need to constantly adopt new online strategies. Daily work on benchmarking is necessary to stay up to date on trends and anticipate new ones.

You also need to benchmark your competitors to understand which are their strategies and if they are working better than yours. It is important to understand why they work better in order to adapt yours and be even more performant.

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